Weather in Sicily

On the estate, the location (500 meters) on the flanks of Mount Etna is always a pleasant place to stay.

Sicily has a very pleasant climate for the optimal holiday experience. On our estate, the location at an altitude of 500 meters on the flanks of Etna is always a pleasant place to stay. The temperature almost never rises above 30-35 degrees. However, the mercury can regularly rise to temperatures above 40 degrees in the summer on the coast and in the cities. In the summer months you need to adjust your tempo and schedule (rest between 1 and 5 pm).

In April, May, June, September and October the temperatures vary from 20-30 degrees. For many tourists, who want to be active with culture, sports or other activities the most beloved period to visit the island. From Easter, when many Sicilians traditionally take their first dive of the year, until the end of October the seawater is very pleasant of temperature.

The winters in Sicily are cool and it rains then regularly. On the higher parts of Mount Etna, snow is regularly in winter, and it can even be ski. Although the lift accommodations are modest, skiing at the volcano in the morning is a unique experience, especially if you combine this with an afternoon of sunbathing in Taormina.

Il Meteo – Castiglione di Sicilia

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